1. I confirm I am over 18years of age, or I am always accompanied by a
    parent/guardian, who signs on my behalf
  2. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and all other rules,
    regulations & conditions of ‘Wildwomencamping” and its officials, including
    those rules & regulations contained herein, and any other safety rules
    including those placed on the day.
  3. I understand that I owe a duty of care to myself and others whilst engaging in
    any activity provided by ‘Wildwomencamping” to ensure that I do not take any
    action or steps to do, or fail to do, anything as to endanger my safety and/or
    the safety of others.
  4. I confirm that I will not attempt to repair, modify, or tamper with any
    equipment provided to me for any purpose, whilst engaging in any activity,
    and will comply with all instructions in relation to the safe and proper use of
    such equipment.
  5. I will not, whilst engaging in any activity provided by ‘Wildwomencamping”
    use any equipment other than those provided to me by the aforesaid, without
    the consent of a representative of ‘Wildwomencamping
  6. I acknowledge that adventurous activities may be physically and mentally
    demanding, and that there is a risk of injury and/or death and confirm that I
    am in good health and know of no reason, physically or mentally, why I should
    be unable to engage in such activities.
  7. I agree to pay Dawn Adam a sum equivalent to the new value of the item, plus
    administration charge, if I fail to return any item of equipment provided to me
    for the purpose of engaging in any activity.
  8. I acknowledge and recognise that whilst engaging in any adventurous activity
    there will be an element of danger and I take part at my own risk.  I confirm
    that Dawn Adam is entitled at any time, for any issue relating to safety reasons,
    to deny me access and/or engagement in any activity.
  9. I confirm that I understand that I undertake the activity at my own risk and
    that Dawn Adam is not liable for any injury that I may sustain whilst on a walk
    or camp.
  10. Cancellation Policy – Whilst every endeavour is made to offer further suitable
    dates, up to and including 1yr from the due date, a full refund may be offered
    only on or before 21days of the due date.