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Wild camping is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy the freedom that comes with having no noisy groups and loud music, that often happens in commercial camps. Dartmoor National Park lends itself very well to wild camping, anyone can do it, with ‎954 km 2 (368 sq. mi) there are many places that we can go and wild camp sites to use.

The day will normally start by meeting in Princetown or Okehampton, then driving to our camping location and pitching our tents. There may be a short walk from the car to the location. After pitching our tents we will go for a walk on Dartmoor taking in the scenery and looking at the flora and fauna. The length of walk will depend on the group and the weather. We may go over navigation skills if that’s what people have booked. Then return to camp to start cooking our evening meal and hopefully enjoy the sunset.


Will I get a Kit List?

You will receive a kit list when you book a course, but some basics are below.


What size bag do I need?

I suggest a day bag of around 30L to carry what you need for the day like your waterproofs, lunch and any first aid you may need.


Do I need my own tent?

You will need to bring a tent or I can supply one which will incur a small surcharge of £5. A two season two man tent should be good enough for the spring/summer on Dartmoor. I would avoid single man tents as they do not give you much space for kit ….and maybe the dog!


What kind of sleeping bag?

You will need a three season sleeping bag. Dartmoor can be cold even in spring so a bag with a comfort rating of +1 degree will see you okay for spring and summer.


What type of roll mat do I need?

There are lots of choices out there for mats, some are more pricey than others. A self inflating one is generally more comfortable than just a closed cell or foam one. If you are struggling to find one before the course then contact me as I may have a spare.


What Food should I bring?

For a single nights camping I generally just buy a “wayfarer” boil in the bag meal which retail for around £5 and can be bought from most camping shops. If you prefer to cook your own then dried pasta and packet sauces are good with some chorizo sausage for that extra bit of protein. Try and avoid plastic tubs as you will have to carry it out with you and they are bad for the environment too.


Which stove should I use?

There is a plethora of cooking systems out there some cheap some very expensive. If you are starting out I would buy a simple gas burner and bring a pan from home. Alternatively there are cheap set ups available from most camping shops. We can also supply stoves and burners for a small surcharge of £5.


How/where do I go to the toilet?

As we are wild camping we will generally sort out a private area where we will go to the loo, you will need to bring toilet paper and hand sanitiser . Please do not use wet wipes as they do not bio-degrade. We will go through this with you on arrival at the camp site.


What if the weather looks bad?

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing” As long as you have good waterproof top and bottoms you should be ok. We will be keeping an eye on the weather before your course and advise you accordingly if there is anything out of the ordinary. If it looks like it will snow then we may cancel the course and offer you another date or refund.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes you can but it must be kept on a lead and secured at all times.

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